Benefits of Fluid Storage Tanks for Complete Storage Management

The phrase ‘less is more’ isn’t limited to your wardrobe or interior design. In fact, that common adage is a motto that can save you money, time, and valuable inventory in your shop. Lubricants and other auto and industrial fluids’ packaging can take up quite a bit of space, leading to unnecessary labor, uncleanliness, and additional waste.

The solution is to invest in fluid storage tanks. Here are five immediate benefits you’ll experience when condensing multiple drums or containers of a single fluid into one tank.

Clear Floor Space

Reducing the number of containers creates more floor space and eliminates clutter that can get in the way of your operation. By eliminating the number of containers, you can more efficiently organize, store, and label fluids.

Accessible Fill Ports

Compact fluid storage with accessible fill ports makes it easier to buy fluids in bulk, which is often more cost-effective.

Improved Mobility 

A fluid storage tank is easier to move, keeping employees from rolling multiple drums from point A to point B in order to dispense fluid. This is less time-consuming, but more importantly, it is safer for employees who no longer have to strain or risk injury when rolling, pushing, pulling, or breaking (moving from standing position) a drum.

Reduced Contamination Hazards 

Outside storage, leaky containers, and other contamination hazards can be eradicated with strong, polyethylene storage tanks. Increase your indoor space with stackable tanks and decrease unusable, dirty fluid.

Mitigating Waste

Fluid storage tanks allow you to condense half-full containers of fluid to reduce the amount of waste caused by excessive packaging. Many polyethylene tanks are translucent, so you can easily track the total amount of fluid remaining in your operation.

Adopting fluid storage tanks for your complete storage management system can significantly transform your workspace and operations. Embracing the principle of 'less is more' extends beyond aesthetic choices, offering practical advantages in an industrial setting. 


Keller-Heartt Oil offers a wide range of high-quality products for all your fluid storage and equipment needs. As a trusted supplier in the industry, Keller-Heartt Oil provides durable and efficient fluid storage tanks, as well as other essential equipment, helping your shop run smoothly and effectively.


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