Buy CASSIDA Grease Products in Bulk and Save

Imagine this: You’re a facilities leader at a nationally known brand and you need quality, food-safe lubrication in 48 hours. If your need isn’t met, your production lines will slam to a stop. Store shelves across the United States will stand empty of your beloved product, and your brand may lose tens of millions of dollars.

Local suppliers come up empty. Options are dwindling and the clock is ticking. What do you do?

When leaders at Coca-Cola found themselves in this exact situation, they knew what they needed to maintain their globally recognized production standards: CASSIDA Grease. And to fulfill a large order practically overnight, they came to Keller-Heartt. We fulfilled their request and ensured no operational interruptions.

But we can’t take all the credit—CASSIDA Grease is the real hero here.

Whenever you need reliable, high-quality lubrication that’s safe for food and beverage processing applications like beer brewing, CASSIDA Grease is the name that comes to mind. CASSIDA Grease is a must-have when your operation depends on all of your machinery standing up to extreme pressures for long periods.

Why Choose CASSIDA Grease Lubricant?

Developed by Fuchs Lubritech, a globally trusted manufacturer and distributor, CASSIDA Grease represents the gold standard in lubrication for food-safe applications. Carefully formulated with the best aluminum complex thickeners, synthetic fluids, and performance-driven additives, CASSIDA has been a top choice for years.

Few other manufacturers on the market can promise the exceptionally high standards that go into every batch of CASSIDA Grease. Naturally, that includes the kinds of certifications you would expect from any product in your food processing environment, like food-grade propylene glycol.

Fuchs goes beyond this with its exacting manufacturing philosophy.

CASSIDA Grease Safety Standards

Every batch of CASSIDA Grease goes through a rigorous manufacturing process with inspection and testing to verify its quality. Most importantly, this includes NSF certification for ISO 21469 compliance. CASSIDA Grease earned NSF registration (Class H1) for use in environments with potential food contact, too.

For those who have quality and safety in mind, a Fuchs Lubritech manufacturing site is truly impressive. From one end to the other, personnel adheres to recognized best practices. CASSIDA Grease is always produced at a facility using HACCP audit controls and Good Manufacturing Practice implementation.

Fuchs Lubritech also observes FLT Quality Standards and quality and hygiene management recommendations codified in ISO 9001 and ISO 21469. Each of these standards requires constant supervision, with continuing education for staff and occasional re-certification. 

Buy CASSIDA Grease in Bulk to Save Money

With all the work that goes into every batch, you might expect CASSIDA Grease to be especially expensive and hard to find. And it’s true that many national suppliers don’t always have it available. The best way to reduce your risks, ensure your supply, and save money? Buy CASSIDA Grease in bulk whenever you can.

Keller-Heartt offers many CASSIDA Grease products in various sizes so you can always get exactly what you need.

Shop for CASSIDA Grease

CASSIDA Grease has an exceptionally long shelf life, lasting three years from the manufacturing date as long as it is stored with care. Just like our friends at Coca-Cola, you stand to save thousands of dollars when you buy in bulk from a reputable vendor.

When you choose Keller-Heartt, you benefit from fast, efficient bulk orders and no shipping fees. Standard shipping is always free across the United States. With nearly 100 years of history, you can rest assured you receive high-performing products, friendly customer care, and expert advice whenever you need it.

Contact us to learn more or order CASSIDA Grease for your business.

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