Calculating Your DEF Needs and Budget

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is a key component of modern diesel engines. Used in selective catalytic reduction (SCR), it drastically reduces harmful nitrogen oxide emissions. DEF is nontoxic, nonhazardous, and nonflammable. It consists mainly of high-purity urea and deionized water.

Virtually all of today’s heavy-duty trucks and buses use SCR to produce more environmentally friendly outcomes in logistics. DEF is essential to meeting emissions standards—without it, vehicles may not even be operable. To ensure you always have the DEF you need, it’s crucial to source it from a vendor you can really rely on.

That begins by understanding exactly how much DEF your fleet needs.

How Much DEF Will Your Fleet Consume in a Year?

Your fleet can’t afford to run out of DEF—but exactly how much will you use in a year?
With a fleet of 50 vehicles averaging 6.5 miles per gallon and a 3% DEF usage rate, you can expect to consume just under 18,500 gallons of DEF per year if each of your drivers travels 80,000 miles. Naturally, many fleets will rack up more miles in a single year. Even if your fleet is half the size, buying in bulk makes sense!

The midsize fleet described in the example above would save thousands of dollars by purchasing its DEF only in a full 330-gallon tote size, requiring just over 57 totes to operate. By comparison, that would be about 3,700 of the standard 5-gallon DEF containers offered by most vendors.

When it comes to savings and efficiency, there’s no comparison.

In addition to 330-gallon totes, Keller-Heartt also offers 55-gallon drums. These drums are designed for safe and easy DEF storage. They could be the ideal solution for a smaller vehicle fleet where buying exclusively in 330-gallon totes might generate waste. No matter which option you choose, you get excellent customer care and fast shipping when you order from Keller-Heartt.

Meet Your DEF Needs More Easily with DEF Equipment

Keeping your DEF safely stored in your facility so it can be easily accessed will cut hours off the time vehicles spend in maintenance every year. DEF has an expected shelf life of one year, but that can be extended to two years with the right storage practices. This ensures you can trim your DEF orders down to just one per year.

def-pumpDEF must be stored at a consistent temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit to maximize its life span. All DEF should be inspected periodically for any changes in color, which would indicate the chemical has been compromised. The best DEF storage equipment contributes to temperature consistency while preventing leaks and sun exposure.

Keller-Heartt offers DEF storage equipment, including electric DEF pumps, hand pumps, and DEF storage tanks. The Fluidall 990-Gallon Warm Climate DEF Shelter is ideal for warmer temperatures. The Fluidall Northern DEF-PRO Package includes storage capacity for up to 3,000 gallons of DEF. 

Lastly, browse our versatile DEF pumps to make using your product even easier.

Keller-Heartt Is the Trusted Name for High-Quality DEF

At Keller-Heartt, you can order Truegard® Premium Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF—55-Gallon Drums or Blue DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid in a variety of sizes. Keller-Heartt’s Trueguard® products have been specially formulated for excellent results that are comparable to all your favorite name-brand trucking fluids.

Whether you’re a long-time Keller-Heartt customer or completely new to our brand, you can count on benefits that will make your life easier. Not only do we carry DEF and other trucking fluids in bulk, but we also offer convenient, fast shipping with no extra shipping fees. Our expert customer service is second to none.


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