The Best Fleet Oil to Protect Against Extreme Cold

When your vehicle fleet operates within a tough climate, it’s essential to make sure you’ve got the right fleet oil for the job. Quality fleet oil ensures reliable performance and protects engine components from the ravages of cold weather. It’s especially crucial in a harsh climate like that of the Upper Midwest.

Vehicle Fleets Need Superior Quality Fleet Oil for Extreme Cold

When the wrong oil is used, vehicle fleets rapidly run into performance issues. This causes downtime and costly, intensive vehicle repairs. Such problems can eat away at your profits, especially when margins are thin, but they can be easily avoided with Rotella T6 or other quality fleet oil.

The right fleet oil will protect your engine from the disastrous effects of low temperatures:

1. Viscosity Changes

Viscosity, the resistance of oil to flow, changes with temperature. Colder temperatures cause oil to thicken and affect its ability to lubricate engine parts. High-quality fleet oil is formulated for more consistent viscosity even at extremely low temperatures, ensuring proper lubrication and reduced wear.

2. Cold Start Protection

Starting a vehicle in low temperatures can be difficult. Even ordinary passenger vehicles often need to wait for several minutes before they successfully start. The effect is more pronounced with large commercial trucks. Quality fleet oil delivers smoother flow to curb strain on the battery and starter motor.

3. Thermal Stability

Thermal stability is crucial in commercial vehicles. Low-quality oils easily lose their thermal stability, so they can turn into sludge that damages the engine. A clogged engine could be destroyed in a matter of minutes. With a cold climate fuel oil, you’re assured of maximum thermal stability to prolong an engine’s service life.

4. Fuel Efficiency

The larger your commercial vehicle fleet is, the more important it is to prioritize fuel efficiency. More vehicles will mean a minor difference in fuel efficiency can cost thousands or millions of dollars over time. Your low-temperature fuel oil flows more easily in rough weather, so engines work less to achieve the same results.

5. Corrosion Protection

Even when a vehicle isn’t in service and the engine is at rest, cold and damp conditions can give rise to engine corrosion. Naturally, fleet maintenance is crucial to verify that appropriate repairs and replacements are made in time, but low-temperature fleet oil also has an essential role to play.

6. Longer Drain Intervals

Longer oil drain intervals deliver a significant difference in the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your fleet. Low-temperature fleet oil maintains consistent properties over time, even when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Which Fleet Oil is Best for Extreme Cold?

If you’ve been working with a cold-weather vehicle fleet, you’re probably already familiar with the qualities of Shell Rotella T6 5W-40. Available in 55-gallon drums, this fully synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil is truly a mainstay for fleets seeking enhanced fuel economy without compromising engine protection.

At Keller-Heartt Oil, we’re dedicated to providing you with cost-effective alternatives to the big brands that give you the same performance excellence you’re used to. Truegard 5W-40 HD Synthetic Motor Oil in our signature 55-gallon drum ensures you have a powerful solution that you always have access to.

Keller-Heartt is dedicated to making it easy to buy the highest quality fleet oils in bulk. There’s never an extra shipping fee. We offer fast delivery of bulk quantities that can support your operations for months or even years to come.

Contact Keller-Heartt to find out more or get started.

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