Three Reasons Every Shop Needs a Parts Washer

When you’re gearing up to make repairs, reassemble engine parts, or keep industrial machinery in top shape, you don’t want to spend more time than is necessary cleaning parts. The most reliable and efficient way to clean parts is not in your sink but with a parts washer. It will do all the hard work for you, removing grease, grime, chips, and debris–and that’s only the beginning.

Parts Washers Reduce Labor Time

One of the greatest advantages of a parts washer is its ability to reduce scrubbing time, as well as waste removal labor. Spray cabinets, agitating washers, and even ultrasonic washers (using sound energy) that include heavy-duty pumps, large soaking basins, or agitators allow technicians to clean especially large or difficult parts with little effort and minimal scrubbing. This frees up time to tend to other tasks. Though sink-on-drum washers (common for auto shops and smaller parts) require a bit more manual work, their simple and easily moveable design makes waste removal easy.

Parts Washers Can Make the Work Environment Safer

Numerous parts washers today use aqueous solutions, a mixture of water and detergents that are less flammable and harmful to one’s health. If possible, switching from a petroleum-based or chlorinated solvent diminishes the risks of workplace illness. Automatic washers and spray cabinets also reduce the amount of hand contact with the solution, minimizing possible exposure and skin irritation.

In addition to employee safety, this eco-friendly option will save you money in toxic waste management and costs associated with regulatory and compliance issues. Since aqueous parts washers don’t contain VOCs, the water waste is allowed to evaporate. There will be less remaining waste to manage as a result.

ROI with a Parts Washer’s Lasting Endurance

The more automatic and aggressive the parts washer, the more expensive the start-up cost will be. But that’s not to say that a parts washer beyond a simple sink-on-drum will not pay for itself over time. The longevity of parts washers is improved with dual filtration systems, asbestos socks, and oil skimming mechanisms so that you can reuse the washer solutions over and over again. The washer’s continual productivity, coupled with reduced labor time, will realize more efficient assemblies and repairs, resulting in greater profits and yield.

Want to cash in on these benefits? Keller-Heartt’s catalog of Oil Eater cleaners and degreasers will help you get the ball rolling and the grime disappearing.


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