Truegard Metalworking
Product Specifications

truegard blue drum.200The right cutting lubricants and coolants are critical to efficient metalworking. You don’t want to risk gummy up your machines. Don’t worry—Keller-Heartt has you covered with Truegard. 

We worked closely with machine operators to develop our Truegard line of light, medium, and heavy-duty fluids. Truegard soluble coolants are engineered with powerful lubricity additives to improve finishes and extend tool life for all your milling, drilling, turning, grinding, sawing, stamping, tapping, punching, drawing, broaching, and reaming operations. Whether you’re working with steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, or exotic alloys, you get outstanding corrosion and bacterial protection.

Whatever you do—do it better and save money with Truegard. From 5-gallon pails to 55-gallon drums to 275-gallon totes, get exactly what you need in the quantity you want (and get FREE delivery every time with Keller-Heartt). Save even more money by purchasing multiple containers (3% off 3 or more, 5% off 7 or more).

Download the Truegard metalworking product chart to find exactly the right semi and full synthetic fluids for your operations. Get information about tap torque compatibility, additives, and operating recommendations so you can be sure your machines will keep running smoothly.

Download Truegard Metalworking
Product Specifications Chart