Truegard Metalworking Products

Take care of your equipment and ensure high-quality production with Truegard Metalworking fluids from Keller-Heartt. Truegard soluble coolants are engineered with powerful lubricity additives to improve finishes and extend tool life. Whether you’re working with steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, or exotic alloys, you get outstanding corrosion and bacterial protection.

All products can be purchased in 5- or 55-gallon containers and some in 275-gallon totes. Enjoy free shipping on all orders, regardless of size, when you choose Keller-Heartt. Save even more when you order multiples (3% off 3 or more, 5% off 7 more). 

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Truegard Metalworking
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Truegard Machining and Grinding Coolants

Designed for a wide variety of grinding and machining operations on steel, copper, titanium, and aluminum alloys. Typical applications for these coolants include drilling, milling, tapping, sawing, and turning.

Truegard Forming and Drawing Fluids

Designed for a broad range of heavy-duty stamping, punching, piercing, and forming operations on steel, copper, and aluminum alloys.

Truegard Drawing Oil

Truegard 3694 - 55 Gallon Drum


Truegard Vanishing-Stamping Lubricant Oil 

Truegard 3025 - 55 Gallon Drum

Truegard 3025 - 5 Gallon Pail

Truegard Anti-Corrosion Fluids

This light-bodied fluid may be applied by spray, dip, or brush to provide several years of indoor storage, up to one year of outdoor shed protection, and limited unsheltered outdoor protection.