How to Best Use Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits are versatile solvents widely used in various industries and applications. Derived from petroleum, these hydrocarbon-based solvents are known for their ability to dissolve and clean various substances without leaving a residue. Here are some common uses and best practices to follow when working with mineral spirits. 

Common Uses of Mineral Spirits

Paint Thinner

Mineral spirits excel at diluting oil-based paints. Simply add a small amount to a paint tray, mix with the paint, and adjust the solvent quantity to achieve the desired paint consistency. You can also use mineral spirits to clean paint brushes and rollers, extending the life of your equipment. 


Simply submerge grease-laden parts into a bucket of mineral spirits for effective cleaning. The solvent efficiently degreases metal tools, requiring a simple wipe with a clean cloth to remove any remaining grime. Mineral spirits are ideal for degreasing automotive parts, bicycle gears, bicycle chains, tools, industrial equipment, and other metals.

Clean Gum and Sticky Surfaces

Due to its emulsifying properties, mineral spirits are excellent for cleaning sticky surfaces, such as removing fresh gum from floors and counters. It is crucial to note that this solvent should not be used directly on clothing but proves effective on various solid surfaces. It does a good job of removing residue from plastic surfaces left by price tag stickers and sap that may be on shears or other gardening tools.

Clean Windows

Apply mineral spirits to a dry cloth for the efficient removal of dust, scuffs, and other marks from windows. This method ensures a streak-free and effective window-cleaning solution.

Clean Wood Surfaces

Recognized for its wood-friendly properties, mineral spirits are an excellent choice for cleaning a variety of wood surfaces, including doors, desks, flooring, and furniture. The solvent efficiently removes dust, dirt, grease, paint, and scuff marks while adding luster to the surface. It proves particularly beneficial for restoring furniture and well-used wooden items. Always ensure to remove solvent residue after cleaning by wiping the surface with a clean cloth.

Automotive and Industrial Applications

As mentioned above, mineral spirits function as excellent degreasers that can be used on automotive parts and industrial equipment.  

In the automotive industry, mineral spirits are indispensable for efficiently cleaning engine components, brakes, and other intricate parts, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the vehicle. They play a crucial role in removing tough grease and grime, which are common challenges in automotive maintenance.

In the industrial realm, mineral spirits find prominence in cleaning machinery, parts, and surfaces, effectively dissolving and eliminating stubborn grease and oil. For instance, in metal fabrication and machining, these solvents are instrumental in degreasing metal surfaces before painting or welding, ensuring a pristine and well-prepared canvas for subsequent processes.

Save on Mineral Spirits

Keller-Heartt offers two types of Truegard mineral spirits. Both serve as general-purpose aliphatic solvents, efficiently removing grease and oil from parts and surfaces. Formulated with anti-foaming and anti-corrosion ingredients, both products ensure a seamless cleaning experience without any concerns about the solvent's efficacy. As an aliphatic solvent, it's versatile enough for use throughout your garage, shop, or industrial factory.

The only notable difference between the two products relates to flashpoint—the lowest temperature at which the vapors of the substance can ignite or catch fire when exposed to an open flame, spark, or any other source of ignition. It is a critical safety parameter, indicating the potential fire hazard associated with the material.

Flashpoint is an important metric to keep in mind when using mineral spirits in automotive and industrial settings. The common uses of mineral spirits are extensive, from serving as a proficient paint thinner for oil-based paints to acting as a reliable degreaser for metal tools and automotive parts. 

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