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Truegard Brake Cleaner vs. Zepp Z-Maxx

A good brake cleaner is incredibly valuable, especially for trucks and big rigs. Your choice of brake cleaner not only protects you by ensuring reliable performance, it also reduces friction and helps you maintain your vehicle. Investing in the right brake cleaner can save you thousands of dollars and help keep your vehicles on the road longer without compromising safety.

It’s no surprise, then, that drivers and fleet managers alike are always on the lookout for the best brake cleaner at affordable rates. Zepp Z-Maxx brake cleaner is one of the biggest names in the industry today. But there are alternatives you should know about if you want to save money while maintaining excellence.

What Is the Difference Between Truegard Brake Cleaner and Zepp Z-Maxx Brake Cleaner?

Zepp Z-Maxx brake cleaner has stood alone in the category for a long time, so it might surprise you to hear there is an alternative. More and more drivers and even entire vehicle fleets are switching to Truegard Brake Cleaner.

In head-to-head tests between Truegard Brake Cleaner and Zepp Z-Maxx, Truegard has been shown to provide the same premium performance you’ve come to expect from Zepp Z-Maxx. The basic ingredients are very similar, with only a few tweaks based on feedback from customers like you.

So why bother to make the switch? Cost, convenience, and support.

Keller-Heartt Provides the Best Brake Cleaner at the Best Price

Just like Truegard® propylene glycol vs. Dowfrost, the fundamentals of Truegard Brake Cleaner are built on industry best practices. You could even call the cleaners interchangeable. We work hard to make the buying process easy, fast, and cost-effective.

With Keller-Heartt, you get:

  • The Ability to Buy in Bulk. Keller-Heartt stocks large industrial drums of our products in comparison to the spray canisters that are more common with Zepp Z-Maxx. By buying in bulk, you’ll save more money in the long run and have true peace of mind knowing that the product you need will always be on hand.
  • No-Cost Delivery. Our competitive pricing is visible throughout our entire catalog, but it doesn’t end there. No matter how big or small your order, or how frequently or infrequently you buy from us, you’ll always receive our standard no-cost delivery. We help you keep your overhead low and avoid the hassle of supplier disruption.
  • Exceptional Customer Service. Whether this is your first order from us or your 100th, Keller-Heartt is here to make the whole process easier. You won’t have to worry about sitting on hold, scheduling deliveries within a restrictive window, or meeting any order minimums. 

At Keller-Heartt, our experts have decades of experience helping industrial, automotive, and trucking clients optimize their vehicles and processes. Contact us today to learn about Truegard Brake Cleaner, discover our other solutions, or place your order. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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