What is Truegard 308 Rust Preventative & Where Can You Use It?

Protecting your metalworking parts from the relentless threats of corrosion and oxidation is crucial, especially during prolonged storage or international shipping. Think about it—your gears, lathes, and other machined parts are at risk, whether they're actively in use or in storage. Imagine the havoc that high humidity, salt, fertilizers, or extreme weather can wreak on those iron and steel surfaces. That's where Truegard 308 Rust Preventative steps in, becoming your knight in shining armor (literally) to preserve the longevity of your valuable assets.

Truegard 308 Rust Preventative is a light mineral oil that leaves a protective film on metal surfaces, specifically iron and steel, and contains powerful rust inhibitors. It is necessary to lift or displace water during storage to maintain metal surfaces. The product’s coating may be translucent in order to leave identifying markings visible on machined parts, or it may dry as a dark, tough coating. Truegard 308 Rust Preventative is beneficial for long-term storage because it can protect parts exposed to the outdoors for up to a year, even in harsh conditions, and it can work on indoor surfaces for up to three years.

The possible applications of Truegard 308 Rust Preventative, depending on which brand and formula is used, are wide-ranging. Various Truegard 308 Rust Preventative products are great for machined parts used in steel mill equipment, transportation, outdoor farming, construction, and other industrial and automotive applications. Plus it’s just as easy to remove as it is to apply. Simply brush or spray it on and clean it off with a petroleum solvent or emulsion cleaner if needed. 

All-in-all, Truegard 308 Rust Preventative is a worthwhile protectant–it’s such a simple way to lengthen shelf life and thwart damaging oxidation that can lead to compromised performance or expensive replacements.

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